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What is R22 phase out?

The good news for customers is that most R22 equipment currently on site is more than 10 years old and probably near to replacement or costing a lot to keep running with repairs.

The ban on the use of virgin HCFC refrigerant including R22 can into force on 31st December 2009.

It remains legal to use reclaimed R22 for servicing and maintenance until 31st December 2014. After this date the following options would need to be considered:

There are 3 main options for customers:

  1. Replace existing equipment with new, more energy efficient equipment.
  2. Keep existing equipment and retrofit the refrigeration circuits with an alternative refrigerant.
  3. Keep existing equipment operating on recycled R22 up to the EU illegal deadline.

Start planning the HCFC phase out now. This will ensure you have time to consider the most appropriate options and will enable you to minimise the cost implications. It will also give you more time to properly budget for any investments required.


Boiler Types - Which Boiler do I need?

Where to fit a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Increasing Boiler Reliability and Efficiency

What are the benefits of regular boiler servicing?

Regular annual gas boiler servicing is essential for safety, energy efficiency and ensuring you get the most life out of your boiler.

Lack of service can result in by-products of the burnt gas building up inside the boiler, not only causing a safety issue but also gradually reducing the efficiency of the boiler.

Gas is very expensive and a 5% reduction in efficiency will lead to a large increase in your annual gas bill, costing more than a boiler service.

Vital parts can seize due to inactivity during the summer months.


Why use water treatment in a heating system?

The efficiency of a heating system can be hugely reduced with the build up of scale and sludge and the efficiency can be reduced by 6% in just 3 weeks without the correct treatment.

New legislation states that for new and existing dwellings the following provisions must be carried out as a minimum:

Chemical water treatment maintains the energy efficiency of a central heating system and extends the systems life, reduces fuel bills by improving the efficiency and also reduce ongoing maintenance costs by reducing system defects.

There are different solutions for water treatment which are:



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