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Increasing Boiler Reliability & Efficiency

ABC detail below how to get the best out of your boiler. Reliability can be greatly enhanced with the right care and boiler maintenance, enabling users to save money on fuel bills, call-outs and early replacements.

Inefficient boilers work harder.

The less energy efficient the boiler, the harder it has to work to reach the required comfort levels in the home. Inefficient boiler operation can increase component wear and tear, thus affecting reliability and longevity.

There are huge benefits of replacing old, inefficient appliances with a new condensing boiler that, at a minimum, meets the current efficiency levels.

Combustion management technology means that the boiler will operate at maximum efficiency all the time, lowering fuel bills and helping it last longer.

Keep the components moving

A common time for breakdowns in older boilers is after long periods of non-use most commonly during summer months when heating is not in use.

We would advise homeowners to keep their boilers active throughout the year, by switching on their heating for short periods during periods when the pump is dormant.

Regular services

It goes without saying that an annual boiler service will help to keep the boiler in good working condition and at optimum performance levels.

Householders should be reminded of the importance of the annual service, as it is a quick and simple way to prevent some of the more common faults from occurring and ensure warranty compliance, and also ensure the appliance is safe for use.

Clear the debris

If a boiler is very old, there is a good chance the radiators and pipes are at least the same age and may need to be replaced. In some cases, older pipework and radiators may be extensively damaged due to debris build-up or corrosion. This damage can prove expensive for householders if the debris collects and blocks the boiler.

In instances where older pipework and radiators remain, a central heating flush will remove the debris from contaminated system water and adding a quality chemical inhibitor will protect the system from further corrosion and debris build-up.

Keep it clean

Contaminants that enter the boiler will immediately result in a decrease in energy efficiency and ultimately can cause boiler failure and system breakdown.

Fitting an inline system magnetic filter can help protect the boiler and system pipework from debris in the system that can cause component damage or blockages.  

Take control

Heating controls are simple and straightforward way of personalising heating requirements, maximising fuel efficiency and increasing household comfort levels.

However, some households still only have the most basic levels of heating and hot water controllability. It is estimated that more than one-third of UK householders with a condensing boiler do not have a room thermostat, even though their use could reduce energy usage by up to 30 per cent.

Some modern boiler ranges offer more flexibility and choice with wired and wireless, 24-hour or seven-day solutions to suit the needs of the home.

Fitting controls means the customers will not only save money on their bills but will help them ensure that their boiler is operating at its optimum level, resulting in less cycling and reduced energy usage.

For all boiler requirements please call our team on 01425 477777 where we will be happy to assist.

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