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Central Heating Flush

What is power flushing?

Ageing central heating systems may be suffering from ongoing damage due to the build up of sludge, corrosion and scale.

Power flushing uses water at a high velocity, with low pressure, to cleanse the system.

Using suitable chemicals for particular systems ensures the flushing process is even more effective.

Power flushing is also used to remove excess flux and other debris from new central heating systems.

When should I have a power flush carried out?

Before any new boiler installation is carried out, it is necessary to carry out a system flush to prevent any possible future problems.  Many systems will contain sludge and rust and this must be removed to avoid damage to your new boiler.

If you are experiencing existing central heating problems, this may be caused by debris including sludge, scale and rust which may cause heating issues for example cold radiators, noisy boilers and in some cases boiler failure due to ongoing damage caused by the debris.

How is the power flushing work carried out?

Our experienced engineers will connect the specialist flushing unit to the central heating system, either across pump couplings, radiator tails or other suitable points.

Using the machine and appropriate chemicals for your system, the debris is dislodged and mobilised to enable the contaminated water to be pushed out to waste.

Radiators are individually flushed to remove sludge deposits at the bottom of radiators which may be causing cold spots.

Upon completion of the flushing process, the system will contain fresh water and will be dosed with suitable inhibitors to protect the system from future damage.

What are the benefits of power flushing?

Following a complete system power flush by our experienced engineers using our specialist equipment, you can expect the notice the following:


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