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Air Conditioning Advice 

Does my AC system require regassing?

Your air conditioning system does not use up the gas inside when it is in operation.

During a routine air conditioning service the refrigerant levels will be checked and if the refrigerant level is low, the likelihood is that there is a small leak somewhere on the system.

Older units have mechanically connected fittings which are more susceptible to leaks caused by vibration during operation.

A leak in refrigerant will cause the air conditioning system to under perform and eventually fail completely.

What happens if air conditioning units have a refrigerant leak?

The effects of a refrigerant gas leak on the air conditioning systems are: -

Do I need regular checks of my air conditioning systems?

We would recommend at least an annual service and check of your air conditioning system. This firstly ensures you are fully compliant with the Refcom regulations.

This also reduces the risks of expensive repairs which can be avoided by planned preventative air conditioning maintenance procedures.

ABC will tailor make a air conditioning maintenance contract to suit your systems and the environment which they serve.

What can I do to help maintain my air conditioning?

Call us on 01425 477777 or use the contact us opposite to request a quotation.

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