Legionella Management - Hot & Cold Water Services

Hot Water Service

The following notes are a guide to good practice with regards to a hot water service system.

There are many other forms of good practice which ABC can provide and ensure that your system is minimised of Legionella risks.

The following tables show the recommended monitoring (M), Inspection (I) and Servicing (S) frequencies for hot and cold water services which can all be provided and managed by ABC.

System /Service Task Frequency  
Hot Water Service   Arrange for samples to be taken from hot water calorifiers, in order to note condition of drain water Annually M
  Check flow and return water temperatures at calorifiers, plus temperature of drain water Monthly M
  Check water temperature after 1 minute at sentinel outlets - must reach 50 deg c within 1 minute. Monthly M
  Visual checks of internal surfaces of calorifiers for scale and sludge. Annually I
Cold Water Service Check tank water temperature remote from ball valve and mains temperature at ball valve.  Summer & Winter M
  Check that water temperature is below 20 deg at the sentinel taps after running the tap for 2 minutes Monthly M
  Visually inspect the cold water storage cisterns.  Annually  I
Shower Heads  Dismantle, clean and descale shower heads and hoses.  Quarterly  S
Little-Used Outlets Flush little used outlets Weekly S


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