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Choosing the correct Air Conditioning system

air conditioning systems - cassette unitWhen deciding on the correct air conditioning system for your premises whether it be your home, a commercial building or an industrial building, the following will need to be considered to ensure you get exactly what you require with your new AC system. 

ABC can offer out a full  air conditioning design service to ensure you have the correct equipment selected.


The answers to the above questions will determine the type of system which is correct for your requirements.  ABC can select the right unit to perform efficiently.

Whether you are looking for a industrial air conditioning unit or a small portable air conditioner, we can install systems to suit your needs and budget in almost any office, commercial property, retail outlet or home.

In your commercial premises we can design, install and maintain a cooling and heating system that addresses the needs of employees & customers and health & safety legislation. Costs, and environmental concerns must be taken into consideration when designing a climate system and we look to optimise all of these with your new installation.

Private/Residential, a growing market where homeowners prefer the control, comfort and reduced energy costs for a greater feeling of well-being at home.

Air Conditioning for One room

In this instance there would be one or more indoor units (evaporators) connected to an external unit (condenser).  These can be wall mounted, floor standing, ceiling concealed or floor/ceiling unit.

The room shape, size and activity would be considered when selecting the correct duty and type of air conditioning unit for your needs.

Air Conditioning for multiple rooms

In this instance we can offer solutions for multiple rooms, which will save space and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a well air conditioned premises.

One external condenser can be connected to multiple indoor evaporators of various types - wall mounted, concealed ceiling, floor mounted etc offering flexibility to your requirements.

Server Room Air Conditioning

It is recommended that a server room is fitted with an inverter type air conditioning system due to the requirement of 24/7 operation.  The inverter saves energy and equipment failure.

When upgrading or increasing the amount of servers, remember to consider the server room cooling that will be required. During the hot summer months,  people experience the requirement of a mobile air conditioning unit because the fixed air conditioming system within their server room cannot cope, and the computers are dangerously hot.

Large Commercial - Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV)

For all small to large offices, hotels and many other forms of commercial building, ABC can design and install a suitable VRV system to allow year round heating and cooling, and allowing different rooms to enjoy different temperatures as required.

Highly efficient whilst providing maximum comfort.

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Fan Coil Units

For offices, hotels, restaurants and other commercial premises, a fan coil unit system connected to a chiller may be the correct application for the requirements.

The systems can be ducted, ceiling mounted or wall mounted and will be selected to suit the area being served.

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